David Salisbury – Awesome Motorsport Photography

Streetworld.net is growing! Over the last couple of days I had the chance to create this article together with David Salisbury, a great motorsport photographer from the UK. I appreciate the very impressive results of his work. I hope you enjoy reading and that more awesome pictures will follow in the near future.

Alex Lowes Donnington Yamaha

Alex Lowes. British Superbikes. This picture was taken at Donington Park Racing Circuit. Lowes is on the exit to the Melbourne loop, the second to last bend before the start and finish straight.

Eugene Laverty silverstone wsbk
Eugene Laverty. World Superbikes. At Silverstone circuit this is a difficult place to photograph as a public spectator unless you have a large lens. Being set up for Formula 1 the track has thick catch fencing which makes capturing that perfect shot all the more much harder.

Josh Harland Donnington Yambits Yamaha
Again this picture was taken on the exit of the Melbourne loop. One of the closest places to stand near the track and a great place to see the rear of the bike sliding.

Josh Brookes Donnington relentless Suzuki

Josh Brooks. Further up from the loop as the bikes begin to straighten up there is a line across the track.  Focus just after that line and you should get a perfect picture as the front wheel begins to lift. 

Paddock Girl Stacy Jo Marshall
The other side of the business. Along with the bikes and riders you can guarantee the paddock will be full of promo girls.  This picture of Stacy Jo Marshall was taken at WSBK Donnington while she was working for Castrol Honda.  Stacy is currently the girlfriend of Tommy Bridwell who races for Supersonic BMW in the British Superbikes series.

If you have a taste for David´s work, visit and share his website http://david-salisbury.com/ 

You will find more stuff on facebook as well. Search david-salisbury. Again thanks Dave for sharing this fantastic photos.

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