Supercar Meetup NewCastle

maserati quattroporte 2013 Newcastle England

„A little of it goes a long way.“ But I just can’t get enough when it comes to supercars. So here are some awesome pictures Julian took on his way in the North of England.

To be honest, I understood the design behind Maseratis´ Gran Turismo very late indeed. Now I rejoice every time I catch sight of this supercar.

maserati quattroporte 2013

A gorgeous point of view on this piece of design.

maserati quattroporte 2013 Back

There are few cars that look good from all angles. The Maserati lines up to join this club.

Supercar Meet England maserati quattroporte ferrari 458 italia

As the title says, there has been a Supercar MeetUp. And there it is again: The Ferrari 458 italia from the guys of Livello.

ferrari 458 italia England

After Julian took a snapshot of it weeks ago, it´s nice to see this car again.

ferrari 458 italia union jack

Often pictures can´t capture moments as peculiar as they appear in real life but this one gets close.

ferrari 458 livello Newcastle

I still believe that every pound the guys from Livello have invested will paid out very soon due to the extreme viral marketing effect this Ferrari 458 has.

ferrari 458 livello

Because I really like this picture, I uploaded a wallpaper-ready version. Just click on the picture and make it your full HD wallpaper without any watermarks.

ferrari 458 and maserati quattroporte exhaust

I`m sure this one will be loved by all of you guys!

silver rolls royce phantom

I was temped to say something like „not the sharpest tool in the box“ but then I´ve seen that the Phantom still has plenty of power. 338 kw to be precise.

rolls royce england

The Rolly-Royce is a pure vast in length: 5609 mm! Giving it in mm makes it sound even longer, doesn´t it?

rolls royce phantom newcastle

Ok. As I already mentioned, there are only few cars looking great from every perspective.

Supercar Meetup NewCastle

Never the less this has been such a exclusively rare Supercar MeetUp.

To see more of Julians pictures klick here.

2 Gedanken zu “Supercar Meetup NewCastle

  1. It is a pleasure to see my pictures at your site! I hope there will be other guys around the world, inspired by this and the other articles concerning snapshots, to built this category 😉 I´m looking forward to it!

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