Awesome Super-Cars of London

Friends, this lovely year is about to vanish so let´s have one last blast of awesome pictures from the UK. This time Julian has been in London to take some shots of awesome Super-Cars in the beautiful city.

Porsche 911 in London

This environment seems to be tailored for the sleek design of the 911.

Matt Grey Nissan GT-R in London

I wonder if the matt paint will become more and more popular over the next couple of years. It looks like that the vinyl has found many customers indeed.

Awesome Lamborghini Aventador in London

Last weekend I saw this car in person. „What a maschiiine“ as Jeremy Clarkson would say.

Awesome Ferrari 458 in London

THE most popular supercar of London I would guess. The Ferrari 458 as always simply looks stunning.

Powerful Lamborghini Aventador in London

By far the best picture of an Aventador I’ve seen so far. This truly is wallpaper-material! Thanks Julian for this lovely shots!

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